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Antonio Madrigal

Technical Manager

Antonio is an Industrial Engineer specializing in Mechanics. Antonio has more than 10 years of experience in 3D design and calculation using FEA/CFD for the manufacture of various types of machines for companies in the mining, railway, photovoltaic energy, or amusement park sectors.
His extensive knowledge in the design of industrial equipment allowed him to be part of several projects at ITENE, in which several transport simulation machines were designed and patented, including the Boomerang stability test to asset US FMCSA cargo securement requirements and EUMOS standard.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, he is the technical director responsible for the technological and industrial development of the equipment, industrial property, and supplier management. Among the solutions designed by the engineering team, for the north American market, are the Dop Testers, Compression Testers, Clamp Testers and the patented Vertical Vibration + Pitch & Roll System among others.


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