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Bottle Tester

The bottle tester device is designed for measuring plastic bottles deformation produced by the internal pressure.

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The bottle tester generates internal pressure or vacuum and it is able to measure the volume change, the deformation at three different positions and also internal pressure changes.

The testing chamber has got all the components for pressure/vacuum generation and measurement. The control software can control the testing procedure pressure or vacuum testing and record the testing measured parameters in a text file. Control PC is not provided.

This testing chamber is a ready to use device which is PC controlled. The chamber is designed to contain water splashes or part thrower produced in eventually hard breaks.

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Technical specifications

  • The pump can generate a pressure range between -0,5bar to 15bar.
  • The pressure sensor can measure between -0,545bar and 4,5bar, with 1mbar sensibility.
  • Using a filter and a not-return valve at the water inlet is recommended.
  • Volume change is measured indirectly using density as an adjusting parameter.
  • Deflection is measured using deformation sensors supporting with magnetic gadgets.
  • Two cams allow to check incidents during the test. A digital clock can allow a user to identify the events in time.

Machine requirements

  • 230v@50Hz standard power plug.
  • PC with USB connector.
  • A water reservoir, the water surface mustn’t be 1m lower or higher than the testing chamber water inlet.
  • Water must be clean enough, without particles.
  • Drain collector. Comment, water reservoir could be used as a drain collector.
  • Space enough to open the door.

Testing processes are controlled and registered using a user-friendly software which generates a file with the measurements.

The testing chamber is a box which contains the tested sample emplacement and has all the measurement components. It has got a hydraulic peristaltic pump with a hydraulic circuit valve-controlled system for pressure or vacuum generation.


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