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Consulting in packaging engineering and transport simulation

Safe Load Testing Technologies provides expert guidance and advice to businesses in optimizing their packaging processes, ensuring product safety during transportation, and utilizing simulation techniques to analyze and improve packaging designs.

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We offer a wide professional service based on our long experience in transport simulation tests. We provide consulting related to the solutions that best suit the needs of each company, in order to maximize your investment and minimize risk.

In addition, we offer help with the regulations and procedures available, the characterization of the product + packaging system, the optimization of the packaging and the security of the merchandise throughout the distribution cycle.

By leveraging the expertise of consultants in this field, businesses can make informed decisions, reduce risks, minimize costs and deliver their products securely and reliably to the intended destinations.

Design and development of turnkey test equipment

We offer a complete range of comprehensive solutions to simulate and evaluate the behavior of packaging during transport.

As we have developed these solutions ourselves, we are able to customize and adapt the equipment according to the specific needs of each client or sector.

The process involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining engineering expertise, advanced technologies and adherence to industry standards to deliver high-quality and reliable testing solutions.

Partnering with Safe Load Testing Technologies allows you to prevent damage, reduce logistics costs, while increasing product quality and advocating for sustainability.

Overview of the process

  • Analysis – Previous analysis to assess the needs of companies. The process starts with gathering detailed requirements from the client. This includes understanding the specific transportation scenarios that need to be simulated.
  • Custom development – Based on the gathered requirements, our engineering team develops the most appropriate technological equipment.
  • Equipment design – Once the custom development is done, the design phase begins. Our engineers work on the equipment design, technical drawings and data sheets. The design team also ensures compliance with relevant standards and regulations pertaining to transport simulation testing.
  • Equipment construction – Equipment construction, performance testing, equipment improvements and quality verification process. Quality control measures are implemented during the manufacturing process to ensure that the equipment meets the required specifications.
  • Installation – The equipment is installed, verified and tested on-site to ensure proper functionality. Ongoing technical support and maintenance services are typically provided to address any issues and ensure the smooth operation of the test equipment.
  • Training – Finally, comprehensive documentation is prepared, including user manuals, technical specifications, maintenance guidelines and safety protocols. A training session is also provided to the customer’s personnel to familiarize them with the operation, maintenance and safety procedures associated with the test equipment.


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