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Dow Chemical is a multinational American company specializing in the manufacturing of chemicals and diverse materials.

The company holds a prominent position in numerous industries, manufacturing a wide range of products such as plastics, industrial chemicals, agricultural items, polyurethanes, silicones, and more. The company is renowned for its innovation and technological progress, making substantial contributions to diverse sectors, with a focus on the packaging industry, infrastructure, and consumer goods sectors.

Their offerings encompass polyethylene resins, adhesives, and polymer modifiers, enabling the creation of eco-friendly, top-notch packaging solutions that serve various purposes:

Ensuring the safety of food through recyclable packaging designs
Safeguarding goods during storage and distribution with reduced material usage
Establishing a sterile environment for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Allowing innovative design possibilities for cosmetics packaging.

The requirements and goals of Dow Chemical

Dow needed to improve its packaging laboratory to make its Pack Studios service even better. Pack Studios is a global initiative that brings together experts in packaging, equipment, and testing to work together and create more advanced and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

To speed up the development of new and better packaging, Dow’s skilled scientists collaborate with equipment manufacturers, package designers, brand owners, and prototype development specialists.

Safe Load Testing Technologies, one of Dow’s valued partners, played a crucial role by providing a Horizontal Stability tester for the laboratory upgrade in Spain.

Currently, there are ten Pack Studio locations in eight countries across four continents. These Pack Studios work together, allowing clients to find and improve packaging solutions from a comprehensive and holistic perspective.

Dow Chemical’s new equipment: a horizontal stability tester

Dow chose an innovative solution called HS1500SET, which simulates how horizontal movements affect load safety. They also use high-speed vision technology called innVision ST to quickly analyze the results, making the process 90% faster than manual methods.

For the most advanced option, Dow uses innVision Pro, an artificial vision system. It automatically records and analyzes load deformation during the stability tests. The system generates a report with photos and videos, showing how the load changes over time.

innVision PRO stands as a leading and exclusive program in the market, widely used for transport simulation solutions. This exceptional system serves both customized tests and new testing methodologies like EUMOS 40509-2020, which analyzes load characteristics. The innVision Pro system accomplishes this through the following steps:

  1. A high-speed camera records the test.
  2. Parameters like client and reference are input into the program.
  3. The program displays recorded tests one by one, providing deformation insights with a simple click.
  4. It also measures deformation during cargo tilting in the testing process.
  5. All images and analyzed data can be stored for reference.
  6. The program generates an automatic report, incorporating all collected data once the analysis is complete.

How Safe Load TT helped Dow

Safe Load TT pioneers the development of state-of-the-art technology capable of recording and replicating authentic forces endured by packages during shipping and handling across the distribution chain.

With the acquisition of the horizontal stability tester, DOW gains the capability to conduct diverse simulation tests according to EUMOS 40509-2020 and US FMCSA standards.

Furthermore, leveraging the HS1500SET, the company can execute tailored tests as per their specific requirements, benefiting from the innSlide SET program, designed for custom acceleration and deceleration tests, such as simulating a truck navigating a roundabout.

This advancement empowers Dow to elevate its Pack Studio laboratory by performing simulations that closely mimic real-world conditions, thereby bolstering research efforts towards optimized and sustainable packaging solutions.

Packaging Companies Resembling Dow Chemical: A Comparative Overview

Similar to Dow, various multinational companies have chosen Safe Load Testing Technologies to either construct or enhance their testing laboratories. Some examples include:

  • Trioplast, which acquired a Horizontal Stability Tester to conduct the EUMOS method.
  • BFSV, a German company aiding ship operators and transport companies in controlling damages during transportation, relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies by purchasing a Clamp Tester. This acquisition now enables BFSV to perform the ISTA 6-Amazon protocol.
  • The Italian company, Grifal, covers the entire packaging production chain, from design to certification following international standards. To enhance its Packaging testing laboratory and improve testing services for clients, Grifal invested in a Compressometer and an Incline Impact Tester.

If your company, like Dow, requires a new package testing machine or seeks to upgrade its packaging laboratory to align with the latest methods and trends, Safe Load Testing Technologies offers over two decades of expertise in the Packaging and transport simulation industry. Contact us, and we will provide the best solution for your company’s needs.