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Acceleration Sled

Efficient stability testing systems for packaging optimization, designed for precision and repeatability, accurately simulating forces like acceleration, turning, and braking to improve packaging performance and safety.

Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester
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Benefits of package acceleration testing

Ensure rigidity and safety of loads with the innSlide Family’s advanced Horizontal Stability Testers, simulating precise horizontal accelerations and decelerations encountered during handling and transportation.

Replication of Real-world Transit Dynamics: These testers are exceptionally adept at mimicking the precise accelerations and decelerations goods experience during transit, such as those encountered in start-stop traffic, sudden braking, or rapid acceleration on highways. This provides a highly accurate testing environment.
Enhanced Product Safety and Integrity: By simulating transportation scenarios, potential weaknesses in packaging or product design can be identified and addressed before actual shipment. This ensures that goods are better protected against damage, leading to reduced losses and claims.
Enhanced Durability Testing: Constant acceleration and deceleration can test the durability of both the product and its packaging over time. This is especially important for long-distance or multi-modal transportation, where goods are subjected to these forces repeatedly.
Better Risk Assessment and Management: Understanding how products behave under different acceleration and deceleration scenarios allows companies to better predict and mitigate risks associated with transportation. This can lead to developing more robust risk management strategies.
Optimized Load Stability: Testing with these accelerations and decelerations helps in optimizing how goods are loaded and secured within transportation vehicles. This can prevent shifting or toppling of goods, which is a common cause of damage during transit.
Informed Material Selection for Packaging: The data gathered from these tests can inform decisions about the best materials and packaging designs to use for specific types of goods. For example, more cushioning or sturdier materials might be selected for items more sensitive to acceleration/deceleration forces.
Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester
Easy folding for transport
Includes innVision ST
Safety guides
Motor integrated
Designed loading with forklift

Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester

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Horizontal Stability test supported:

  • EUMOS 40509
  • DIN  55415
  • JIS Z 0020

Simulate low-frecuency accelerations a decelerations

Reduction of 20%-30% in the use of stretch film

Average reduction of 15%-20% in CO2 emissions

Ensure compliance with internationsl standards

Transportable equipment bu trucj, bif van or pallet stacker.

Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester:

The world's most compact equipment for acceleration tests

Reduce the load-deformation analysis time by over 90% when compared to standard manual procedures thanks to the included innVision ST

Safeguard barriers to carry out test safely
Test up to 1g
Custom stroke
High-performance servo motor
Designed for easy loading with pallet stacker

Horizontal Stability test supported:

  • EUMOS 40509
  • DIN  55415

Our Acceleration Sled can be equipped with our unique boomerang module, enabling it to speed up and slow down over a more compact area. Additionally, we can include the option to conduct these tests:

  • Sweep test
  • Fatigue test

Average reduction up to 40% in CO2 emissions

Reduction of 50% in the use of stretch film

Ensure compliance with internationsl standards

Acceleration Sled:

An advanced solution to simulate the horizontal accelerations/decelerations that affect the safety and stability of the load.



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