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Electronic devices are exposed to different hazard during the distribution cycle, specially to impacts during the handling process.

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For this reason, Packaging in the appliances industry is critical as it protects the products during transportation from the manufacturing facility to the retailers’ shelves.

Poor packaging can lead to damage or breakage of products, which can cause losses to manufacturers and may also lead to a loss of customer confidence.

Safe Load technologies, like the drop tester and the data recorder, are extensively used to evaluate the impact fragility levels of electronic systems and components.

In addition, shock and vibration testing machines help manufacturers identify the minimum amount of packaging required to withstand the rigors of transportation.

These machines can simulate different transport types, such as sea, rail, and road, to ensure that the packaging can withstand the shocks and vibrations experienced during transport. The equipment measures the impact of shocks and vibrations on the product and packaging and provides valuable data to the manufacturer, enabling them to improve the quality of the packaging. This way, Safe Load technology can assist electronics manufacturers ensure that their products and their packages are optimized to ensure integrity and enhance customer satisfaction.

Packaging in the appliances industry must also meet the requirements of regulations, such as AST, ISTA, ISO, EUMOS or FMCSA for shipping and handling.

These standards guarantee that packages withstand different transportation stresses and environmental conditions. Thanks to Safe Load Testing Technologies’ solutions, customers can ensure compliance.

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