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Packaging is an essential component of the supply chain, and many companies are investing heavily in packaging transportation simulation to ensure that their products are transported safely and efficiently.

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However, this technology is not limited to the business world. It is equally valuable in the education and research sector, where it is used to teach students and conduct research on the effects of packaging on products during transportation.

Packaging transport simulation refers to the process of evaluating a package’s ability to withstand various transportation hazards, including vibration, shock, and compression.

This technology simulates the conditions that packages are likely to experience during transportation, and it helps manufacturers to design packaging that can protect their products from damage.

Packaging transport simulation involves subjecting packages to a range of stresses, using specialized equipment to simulate the conditions that packages are likely to encounter during transportation.

Simulation technology is an essential tool in the education and research sector, and it has numerous benefits. Firstly, it enables students to learn about the effects of transportation on packaging and products, which is essential for those studying logistics and supply chain management. Simulation technology also allows researchers to study the effects of various transportation hazards on products and packaging, which can help in the development of more robust packaging materials. Additionally, transport simulation technology enables researchers to predict the performance of packaging under different conditions accurately.

Institutions within the education and research sector are recommended to have a complete packaging transport simulation laboratory consisting of the following equipment:

  • vibration testers
  • drop testers
  • impact testers
  • horizontal stability testers
  • compression testers
  • clamp testers
  • shock & vibration data recorders

With the help of Safe Load Testing Technologies’ state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment, educational and research centers can complete their own transportation simulation laboratories.

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