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Food and Beverage

Companies in the food and beverage industry use a range of packaging materials, including glass, plastic, and metal, to protect their products from environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light. In addition, packaging also serves as a marketing tool, helping to attract consumers and differentiate products from competitors.

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Therefore, companies must choose the right packaging materials and techniques to ensure that their products reach the consumer in the best condition.

Transport simulation machines are an essential tool for companies in the food and beverage industry as it helps to ensure that products are adequately protected during transportation.

This equipment simulates the various environmental conditions that products may be exposed to during transportation, such as temperature, humidity, and shock.

By subjecting products to these conditions, companies can identify potential weaknesses in their packaging and make improvements to ensure that products remain safe and fresh during transportation. Testing with a transport simulation laboratory is always recommended, but in the case of consumer goods packaging, the following equipment are worth mentioning:

  • vibration testers to test packaged products that are subjected to strong horizontal compression forces during automatic storage
  • drop testers for vertical and rotational drops of the load
  • horizontal stability testers to test the resistance of the packaging to accelerations and decelerations
  • compression testers, designed to test the compressive strength and creep test of the package
  • shock & vibration data recorders to generate a vibration or shock profile which can later be used in the design/optimization of the packaging

For this reason, Safe Load Testing Technologies makes its extensive knowledge available to its customers so that they can have at their disposal the latest and highest quality solutions to get the best performance out of their products.

Furthermore, transport simulation equipment helps companies to comply with international packaging standards like AST, ISTA, ISO, EUMOS or FMCSA, ensuring that their products can be transported globally.

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