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Manuel Garcia-Romeu

Product Development Manager

PhD. Manuel García-Romeu, as the Product Development Manager at Safe Load Testing Technologies, brings an extensive wealth of experience in packaging engineering, packaging optimization, transport simulation, and load stability. His expertise primarily lies in the domains of research, development, and innovation. Manuel’s profound knowledge and research endeavors have led him to collaborate with a team of experts, resulting in the patenting of two crucial machines that significantly impact the packaging and transport sector: the Boomerang Stability Tester and the Pitch & Roll Vibration System.

In addition, Manuel is an expert in vibrations, which has enabled him to develop the innAnalyzer, an innovative software for the analysis of impacts and vibrations. This unique software in the market allows technicians to accurately analyze the data obtained through the Data Recorders of Safe Load Testing Technologies. A device has been created for Product & Testing Engineers to swiftly and precisely characterize vibrations, shocks, or environmental profiles, and upload the data for analysis using the new and intuitive innSoft-Analyzer software. This information can later be utilized in the design and optimization of packaging to ensure the safety of goods.

Currently, Manuel serves as a member of the technical committee for the EUMOS 40509/2012 standard and holds the esteemed position of Chairman of the drafting committee EUMOS 40509/20202. Additionally, he is a valued member of UNE and represents Spain as an expert in the DIN Organization Committee CEN / TC 119 / WG 07 and Committee AEN / CTN 49: Containers and packaging. Manuel is also a corporate member of the IAPRI and ISTA associations, further demonstrating his dedication and involvement in the packaging and transport sectors.


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