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Motovibration Testing System

Motovibration Testing System

Motovibration Testing System is an electromechanical vertical vibration machine designed to assess the reliability of products and packaging during transportation and to test their ability to perform their functions in the presence of vibrations in order to identify technological defects.

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Compared to electrodynamic shakers, they stand out for their low price, lower noise level and high energy efficiency.

The range of these vibrators allows testing objects, packages or components weighing up to 5 tons and reproducing a sinusoidal vibration frequency from 10 to 60 Hz.

The product features include no need for a special foundation, low vibration shocks in transverse components, an automatic table leveling system, eccentric motors with adjustable vibration amplitude, a pneumatic system for isolating the expander, a control board mounted in the electrical cabinet, and an intuitive control system for various vibration testing modes and data collection for analysis.

Product characteristics

  • No special foundation required
  • Transverse components low vibration shocks.
  • Automatic table leveling system
  • Eccentric motors with the capacity to modify their vibration amplitude in order to modify the displacement of the vibration wave on the sample to be tested. Existing rotary tables on the market only have a fixed offset. In addition, these engines allow different types of tests to be carried out depending on their layout on the simulation table, increasing the possibility of the type of tests to be carried out.
  • Pneumatic System: The expander is isolated by means of pneumatic systems.
  • Control board: The HMI to control the equipment is mounted in the electrical cabinet.
  • Intuitive Control System: The control system allows vibration testing of products in the following modes:
    • Fixed frequency
    • Step-by-step vibration programmable over time at fixed frequencies
    • Frequency oscillation
    • Arbitrary mode with the function of controlling the correctness of the parameter settings to prevent vibrator failure.
  • In addition to collecting test data for future analysis.

Advantages of Motovibration Testing System

  • Among the advantages of the vibration testing system, note that the shaker design provides low transverse components of vibration influences.
  • The shaker is equipped with an automatic table leveling system and the built-in vibration sensor allows you to obtain objective data on the shock levels on the table and control overloads.
  • The software was developed keeping in mind the needs of testing centers and laboratories.
  • The system has been developed for testing and product engineers to quickly and accurately characterize vibrations, but our intuitive control software allows our customers with no testing and analysis experience to use the Moto Vibration Test System for performance testing. vibrations.
  • This enables our customers to better develop new and better products and systems.
  • The system requires minimal and inexpensive maintenance.

MotoVibration test system is capable of performing ...

  • Component Fatigue Test
  • Quality tests
  • Transport simulation
  • Resonance analysis

Innovative vibration testing system with user-friendly software, low vibration influences, and minimal maintenance for improved product and packaging development

The Motovibration Testing System offers several advantages, such as low transverse vibration influences, an automatic table leveling system, objective data collection through a built-in vibration sensor, user-friendly software, accessibility for inexperienced customers in testing and minimal maintenance requirements. This enables companies, laboratories and test centers to develop improved packaging solutions and systems for testing centers and laboratories.

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