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Patricia Torres

Office Manager

Patricia Torres is a seasoned accounting professional with a dynamic career spanning various business sectors, including consulting, tourism, food industries, and lumber. Currently, she is eagerly transitioning into the technology sector by joining Safe Load Testing Technologies, a move reflecting her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Throughout her career, Patricia has held key roles in administration, finance, treasury, human resources, promotion, and sales. This broad experience has endowed her with a versatile skill set and exceptional adaptability, enabling her to thrive in diverse workplace environments.

Patricia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Universidad Tecnológica del Perú (UTP) and holds a Master’s degree in Audit, Accounting, and Management Control from Universidad de Valencia (UV). She is further enhancing her qualifications by pursuing a postgraduate specialization in Financial Controller, demonstrating her deep interest in business intelligence and digital transformation—a critical area in today’s tech-driven world.

In her role as Office Manager at Safe Load Testing Technologies, Patricia plays a pivotal role in supporting top management in both general and financial operations. She adeptly handles incident resolution and oversees general services. Her strategic objective is to streamline and effectively direct the planning, organization, and control processes within the administration and accounting departments, aiming to optimize efficiency and impact.


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