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In the intricate journey from origin to destination, pallet loads are subjected to diverse and challenging stressors. This reality underscores the critical importance of selecting the right distribution packaging, a necessity that extends well beyond the realm of hazardous materials. The implications of inadequate packaging are far-reaching, encompassing not just the potential for damaged goods, but also the graver risks of endangerment and personal injury. Recognizing this, Mosca has strategically positioned itself at the forefront of addressing these challenges with their innovative Mosca TechCenter.

This new laboratory is dedicated to meticulous testing and refining packaging solutions, ensuring they withstand the rigors of transportation. By simulating a variety of transport conditions, the TechCenter aims to develop packaging that is not only robust and efficient but also prioritizes safety and reliability, thereby safeguarding both the products and the people involved in the transportation process.

Analyze, test and maximize your pallet loads

Mosca TechCenter

Since 1966, Mosca has been a global leader in the manufacturing of packaging and strapping systems, offering a wide range of products including automatic and semi-automatic machines for strapping, bundling, and shrink-wrapping, as well as conveyor belts and accessories for handling and transporting palletized goods. These products are widely used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and automotive.

Recently, Mosca inaugurated the Mosca TechCenter, a laboratory for conducting pallet packaging tests, aimed at assisting clients in selecting the right packaging for their loads and distribution cycles, thus ensuring safe transportation.

Utilizing transportation simulation testing machines from Safe Load Testing Technologies, Mosca can analyze loads and distribution processes in a personalized manner, identifying the ideal stretch film for each load. This approach ensures optimal solutions for the safety and protection of products during shipping, evaluating product characteristics in various scenarios within the distribution chain to ensure cost efficiency and sustainability.

Mosca is much more than a machine manufacturer. We serve as professional partners for our customers’ sustainability and digitalization projects,” explains Johannes Wieder, Sales Manager Logistics at Mosca.

Why performing palletized load tests is necessary.

Minimize the use of packaging materials
Boost the quality of packaging material to align with your specific requirements.
Enhance productivity
Tailor your pallet loads with expert recommendations to secure and improve transportation.
Ensure the safety of your cargo
Verify that your packaging is capable of withstanding transportation strains.
Reduce your environmental impact
Apply a carbon dioxide measurement for your transport packaging.

Mosca TechCenter: Four testing tools to optimize packaging

Mosca TechCenter: For Tilt Testing

The tilt test tool is designed to assess the stability and strength of a load during transportation. It serves as the initial step in the testing process, providing a swift evaluation of quality. Essentially, it determines if an individual’s transport packaging is secure. Based on the results of this test, it can be decided whether further testing on the palletized load is necessary.

Our special software, the innVision PRO, is utilized to make significant alterations to the packaging design, ensuring that it can be consistently reproduced with minimal expense.

Easy maintenance
Portable solution
Packaging optimization tool
EN 12195 Standard
Validating tool

Mosca TechCenter: For Acceleration / Deceleration

The horizontal stability tester is a cutting-edge solution to simulate horizontal accelerations and decelerations (speeding up, slowing down, and braking) produced by several means of handling and transportation to assure the rigidity and safety of the load.

The horizontal stability tester offers an advanced way to mimic horizontal speed changes, meeting major global standards like EUMOS 40509 and the FMCSA cargo securing rules in the U.S.

This road test demonstrates the impact of a specific horizontal acceleration/deceleration rate on your cargo loads’ stability. Mosca also opted for the innVision Pro, a high-speed camera built into the system that captures all changes in the cargo loads throughout each phase of the test sequence. This allows Mosca to conduct an analysis focused on enhancing your existing transport packaging. This transportation simulation software also creates a comprehensive report with detailed outcomes, photographs, and videos.

Custom stroke
Safeguard barriers to carry out test safely
Test up to 1g
Designed for easy loading with pallet stacker
High-performance servo motor
Mosca TechCenter - accelerationsled
Up to 40% reduction in CO2 emissions
Average reduction of up to 50% of the use of stretch film
Confirm compliance with international standards.

Mosca TechCenter: For Impact and Crushing Forces

The inclined impact tester assesses the protective ability of transport packaging against impact and compression forces throughout the distribution process. This impact test helps in refining packaging designs to guarantee load security. Utilizing gravity, the inclined impact tester examines the design of the transport unit for horizontal impact or crushing forces. The test can reach speeds of up to 2.5 meters per second, depending on the specific testing protocol used.

Inclined impact testing, conducted in lab settings, is utilized for designing products and packaging, simulating the transportation of packed products, and validating palletized unit loads. Furthermore, this collision test adheres to international standards, including those set by ISO, ASTM International, and various ISTA procedures.


Gentle and safe guided displacement
10º inclination
Bumpers to avoid bounce back
Easily operated, allowing for repetitive testing with accurate results.
Provide valuable insights into ideal packaging design.
Minimize losses and costs thanks to refined packaging.

Mosca TechCenter: For Vertical Vibrations

The Vertical Vibration Machine conducts vertical vibration tests, including the generation of random vibration patterns. In addition, using Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Data Recorder, our innRecord, which can be attached to the pallet, all real-world conditions of a distribution cycle can be recorded and reproduced on the Vertical Vibration System.  This approach offers a chance to reduce expenses linked to product or packaging damage and suboptimal packaging design.

All vibration tests are performed following major international standards (ISO, ASTM, EN 15552, and various STA procedures), as well as governmental, industrial, and company-specific regulations.

Holes in the matrix to fix loads
Table designed to support lateral loads
It is ready to install our Pitch & Roll Module that allows to simulate Pitch and Roll motions
Easy installation and transport
Damping system to absorb all vibrations
User-friendly interface
Packaging optimization tool
ISO, ASTM, EN 15552 and various ISTA procedures

Inside the Mosca TechCenter: A closer look

Stress test your cargo before the worst scenario happens

Just as MOSCA has done with its state-of-the-art TechCenter,  testing the limits of your cargo’s capacity can significantly benefit your business. It helps identify and fix design flaws, enhances product durability, and betters packaging for efficiency and sustainability. This process ensures compliance with industry standards and improves customer satisfaction by delivering more reliable and durable products.

Maximum security.
Test reports based on international norms and standards.
Adaptation to individual transportation routes.
Minimization of costs in primary, secondary, and distribution packaging.
Testing and enhancement of packaging machinery and materials from a single source.
Improvement of sustainability through packaging optimization.
Reduction of transport damages and claims.

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