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Safe Load Testing Technologies offers training and professional advice on packaging engineering to ensure that customers can effectively and efficiently utilize the equipment and maximize its benefits. 

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This allows companies to reduce their losses and additional packaging costs due to damaged goods, while complying with European and US transport safety regulations.

The aim of these training services is to empower customers to effectively use the transport simulation test equipment, enhance their testing capabilities and ensure accurate and reliable results. 

Our team of engineers can help with the design, analysis and measurement results of the tests and procedures necessary to simulate the transport cycle.

Some of the courses we offer are:

  • Optimized packaging systems.
  • Distribution environment.
  • Mechanical risks: compressions, falls, shocks, vibrations and fragility.
  • Data monitoring.
  • Performance test.
  • Goods protection and cushioning materials.
  • Conferences and symposiums.

By providing comprehensive training, the company enables customers to optimize their testing processes, minimize errors and maximize the values they derive from the equipment.


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We put our knowledge in packaging engineering, transport simulation, tests and regulations at your disposal so that you can apply it to your project

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